Gun Repairs

Workshop on the premises

Our London trained gunsmiths, directed personally by Jason Abbot, provide the sensitive skill needed to repair and restore best quality guns to their former glory. More guns are ruined by bad gunsmithing than by any amount of shooting.

Examples of the work we undertake

  • Strip and clean
  • Tighten action
  • Lengthen chambers to 2¾" and re-proving
  • Raise dents in barrels and black
  • Fit new barrels and re-proof testing
  • Alter chokes
  • Restocking (our speciality)
  • Gun fitting and stock alteration
  • Make new springs/ strikers
  • Engraving

Emergency Gun Repairs

In the season we pull out all stops to keep customer's guns working. We can arrange next day collection and delivery of your repaired gun anywhere within the UK.

The Jason Abbot Workshop

"Jason has sold me two pairs of best English guns, restocking them to my measurements with beautiful oil finished walnut. He has also looked after my guns for many years with personal service second to none".

Brian Stevens
Consultant, Withers Worldwide